Busted Dal



Long story short, my Pullips/Dals,Blythes, ECT. have been in storage since the Summer (a lot of my dolls are still in storage and unobtainable till the day we move, including ALL of my Monster High Dolls and half of my Furbys). Anyhow, I was able to move one box back out and tried to re-display them. Unfortunately most of my 1/6th scale doll stands are in storage to, so I’m still trying to get my display set up to the point where things don’t fall. As it is, nearly all of my Pullips have the old bodies that can barely carry the mass of their heads and lean over funny. But even with sitting in a box for half a year, that’s not what broke. It was the poor Dal’s knees, at the joints (not where I can just pop them back on, the inner pegs snapped in half while it was still in the hole) that broke. I have never had a problem with a Dal, and it had to be one of my favorites.

In a panic I went looking through my 1/6th spare body box (a go-to necessity for those like me who either customize and/or break bodies often) and found one very TLC white skin body, more or less modified for a Pullip. The neck fit is not perfect, but I’m happy with getting her fixed right after breaking her (and not having to spend $15 on another body that would just as easily break).

So that’s also why I didn’t blog much in 2015, half of my dolls are in storage for more than half of the year and who knows when I can get them back.


Lulu is a Volks Mini Dollfie Dream Louise Fran?oise Le Blanc de La Valli?re (from the series ‘The Familiar of Zero’), she was purchased as a Valentine’s day gift a good… five? years ago. Wow, time flies. This was back when Volks USA had their physical shop… good times… I miss it a lot…

Anyhow, as her birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, I thought I should share some photos I took of Lulu during her last trip to the Volks USA store… two? years ago. Honestly I’m terrible with remembering dates… it still feels like yesterday to me.

I’ll be sharing more recent photos of Lulu in a few days, a bit closer to her birthday.


So I originally uploaded these photos to my flickr account, but couldn’t figure out how the heck the linking feature worked, so I just decided to upload them onto my own site. >< Mari is a Amaha Miu Volks Dollfie Dream with her default faceup... the only thing I really changed on her was her wig. I made her cardigan using a pattern from Jadepixle Doll and winged the skirt pattern. I forget where I got the shirt and she’s wearing her default shoes.

Mari is very shy, but if you get her started talking, she’ll never shut up.

Water baby

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Lalaloopsy, mainly because they can take up a lot of space and they don’t really stand or sit up well… it seems these new ones have the same problem (in fact, I think it’s gotten a lot worse, shes insanely floppy compared to ones I’ve gotten a year or so ago). Oh well, Sand E. Starfish’s hair and skin color are just perfect together- and look great with one of the few Lala outfits that I made that I almost like. XD

Welcome to the new DollSalad.com!

After debating about how to do this for a while… I’ve decided to make my site a blog instead of the way it used to be (aka, poorly designed by myself but coded well by my husband).

Doll Salad’s mission in it’s life is to showcase dolls of all shapes and sizes… from American Girl to Volks, chances are there’s going to be a little of everything here.

I need to track down some good images of my dolls (or any at all), till then all the old existing images can still be seen at the old Gallery or my Flickr page.